Joe Herring

Joe Herring is an independent investigative journalist, an Army veteran and a proud husband, father and grandfather. His work has been featured by the late Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others in the…

‘Sanctuary city for the unborn’ petition falls short in Bellevue, Nebraska

Despite organizers having turned in more than 7,000 signatures on a petition to outlaw abortion within the Bellevue city limits, the measure will not advance. That’s because 20%… Read More

April 6, 2023
Public Education
Nebraska teacher of the year complains about state board VP’s criticism

Kirk Penner, Nebraska’s vice president of the state board of education, has been criticizing Nebraska’s 2023 Teacher of the Year, Renee Jones, for her pro-drag show and LGBT activism… Read More

March 31, 2023
Public Education
Nebraska school district officials admit to “rebranding CRT” in order to deceive parents

An undercover recording reveals school administrators, superintendents and teachers in Nebraska gleefully describing their favorite methods for teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) despite the subject being banned. Read More

March 29, 2023
Five-year-old boy testifies against drag queen bill wearing sparkly dress and crown

Testimony against a Nebraska bill to prohibit children from attending drag shows was heard last week from fully outfitted drag queens, including a 5-year-old boy. Asa Ross and his… Read More

March 28, 2023
Lawmaker seeks to enshrine abortion in Nebraska’s constitution

Omaha Sen. Megan Hunt has introduced two amendments to the Nebraska constitution seeking to make “reproductive freedom” an inherent and inalienable right. LR18CA would enshrine the… Read More

March 21, 2023