Josh Mann

Josh Mann, Ph.D., is the Managing Editor for The Lion. Prior to working for the Herzog Foundation, Josh worked for a software startup in the language-learning space. His previous work includes…

Homeschool workshop, used curriculum sale to equip parents for next school year

Families interested in homeschooling often cite two challenges in starting: trying to find local resources, as well as choosing curriculum. However, the Midwest Parent Educators (MPE) nonprofit plans… Read More

May 17, 2023
Public Education
Kansas school district contemplates removing Bible after student activist makes sardonic, retaliatory complaint

A school district in Kansas will review the Bible for indecency and possible removal from school shelves after a student‚Äôs formal request, made¬†in retaliation for¬†other books being flagged and… Read More

May 11, 2023
Criticism over lawmaker’s flip-flop on open enrollment continues as Missouri Senate has two weeks to act on House bill

Video still from an ad ran last week, criticizing Rep. Lonsdale over open enrollment. As the fate of a House-passed open enrollment bill is with the… Read More

May 2, 2023
Legislation, Public Education
New book sounds alarm on America‚Äôs ‚Äėfailing‚Äô public education system

Public schools are failing American children, even 40 years after a Ronald Reagan-appointed commission warned that a ‚Äúrising tide of mediocrity‚ÄĚ was eroding our ‚Äúeducational foundations.‚ÄĚ… Read More

April 26, 2023
MOScholars Day honors first class of ESA students in Missouri’s school choice program

Representatives of the first class of Missouri students to benefit from the state’s school choice program visited the Capitol Thursday to be honored and celebrate their educational success. Read More

April 21, 2023