Merrilee Gasser


Merrilee Gasser is a contributor for The Center Square.

Burgum’s veto denies parents educational choices, group says

(The Center Square) – Advocates for a school choice bill the governor shot down say North Dakota parents are left lacking educational choices for their children. House Bill… Read More

April 27, 2023
North Dakota lawmakers poised to approve school choice bill

(The Center Square) – A bill in North Dakota that would aid parents in funding a private school education is one step away from full legislative approval. After… Read More

April 13, 2023
Legislation, Public Education
Bill would create new Oklahoma Charter School Board

(The Center Square) – The authority to sponsor statewide virtual charter schools in Oklahoma would be in the hands of a new nine-member board under a bill that advanced… Read More

April 12, 2023
Public Education
Bill clarifies Oklahoma’s school bathroom gender restrictions

(The Center Square) – Last year Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill that would require students to use the bathroom of their biological sex, and this session they are clarifying… Read More

April 5, 2023
Parental choice bill goes to Oklahoma Senate

(The Center Square) – A bill that would provide a tax credit for parents who choose alternatives to public school for their child’s education is moving to the Oklahoma Senate. Read More

February 24, 2023