Merrilee Gasser

Merrilee Gasser is a contributor for The Center Square.

Public Education
South Dakota Dept. of Education report finds decline in student performance

(The Center Square) – Student performance has declined in South Dakota since the COVID-19 pandemic, a state Department of Education report found. State assessments revealed drops in proficiency across various… Read More

December 6, 2022
Legislation, Public Education
Alaska’s traditional public schools down 2%, charters up nearly 8%

(The Center Square) – Alaska traditional public schools experienced a drop in enrollment during the pandemic while public charter school enrollment grew, a new report shows. In a trend… Read More

November 23, 2022
Public Education
Hawaii’s public school enrollment decreased during the pandemic

(The Center Square) – Public school enrollment in Hawaii decreased during the pandemic, and the students who left don’t seem to be coming back, according to a new report. The… Read More

November 21, 2022
Oklahoma’s school enrollment practices a hot topic in the governor’s race

(The Center Square) – Oklahoma has some of the best open enrollment practices nationwide, according to a report released Thursday. Reason Foundation, which conducts… Read More

November 4, 2022
Arkansas lawmakers haggle over teacher pay

(The Center Square) – Lawmakers on the Senate and House Education Committees agree Arkansas teachers should get a pay raise, but just how much remains up for discussion. The education committees… Read More

October 4, 2022