Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is Executive Editor of The Lion. A Kansas City native, he’s been an award-winning reporter, editor and opinion writer at newspapers in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia and Texas.

‘Beyond human aid’? As an unmoored America founders on ancient rocks, our culture says try anything but God

Ask yourself: Does America need serious healing? The polls sure scream it. Last fall, an ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed 76% believe the nation is on the wrong track. An Associated Press-NORC… Read More

March 11, 2024
‘An evil agenda’: Kansas City officials’ video reading of children’s gender transition book whips up storm of revulsion

Top Kansas City officials seem to have gone out of their way to choose a children’s gender-transition book to read to kids on a video for National Reading Day. Read More

March 6, 2024
Laken Riley murder puts tragic young face on Biden’s open-border policies, says Missouri Sen. Eric Schmitt

The brutal, appalling murder of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, allegedly by an illegal immigrant, has laid open the bloody consequences of President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. That’s… Read More

February 29, 2024
Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley drags apology out of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for company’s harm to teens, would like to drag him into court

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley took Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to a Capitol-sized woodshed Wednesday for the harm his social media sites reportedly cause to teenagers, challenging the Facebook founder in… Read More

February 1, 2024
Biden administration spied on Trump supporters, used tax dollars for anti-conservative propaganda, Sen. Josh Hawley warns

After already having censored conservatives online, the Biden administration has now funded anti-conservative “propaganda” while having the FBI rummage around Trump supporters’ bank accounts, notes a livid Sen. Josh Hawley… Read More

January 23, 2024