Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is Executive Editor of The Lion. A Kansas City native, he’s been an award-winning reporter, editor and opinion writer at newspapers in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia and Texas.

Public Education
Missouri school board likely to add sexual orientation, gender identity to non-discrimination policy, bending to federal pressure

Would the Biden administration stop feeding Springfield students if the school board doesn’t bend to its will on gender identity policies? That’s the central question behind Tuesday night’s vote by… Read More

October 24, 2023
Senator, congressman want scrutiny for pro-Hamas student groups, complacent universities

As would-be terrorists cross America’s porous border, college students support the Hamas terror attack, and the federal government employs a virulent opponent of Israel, the U.S. Senate can’t even agree… Read More

October 20, 2023
Public Education
Class at Washington University in St Louis claims nutrition is racist, urges students to promote puberty blockers despite new Missouri law

Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis is pushing the idea that nutrition is somehow racist, and is still advocating for cross-sex hormones despite a new Missouri law banning… Read More

October 9, 2023
Christian Schools
Former AG Bill Barr: School choice, Christian education are crucial to religious liberty, restoring a culture no longer hostile to traditional values

Decades after his Christian school upbringing, former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr tracked down the teacher at Corpus Christi elementary in New York who meant the most to him, just… Read More

October 2, 2023
Christian Schools
Christian Teacher of the Year: Bruce Hoover steps right out of history to take his students back there, all the while pointing to God

Bruce Hoover looks every bit the time traveler he is. And why not? The bearded, bespectacled American history teacher at Anchor Christian Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,… Read More

September 27, 2023