Biden administration savaged for Women’s Equality Day hypocrisy

The Biden administration is taking heat over a weekend social media post that was meant to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, but critics say it shows just how sideways liberals are with women…

The Biden administration is taking heat over a weekend social media post that was meant to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, but critics say it shows just how sideways liberals are with women voters.

“On Women’s Equality Day, the Biden-Harris Administration honors the pioneering suffragists who won American women the right to vote, celebrates the advocates who have continued the march for equality since, and recommits to delivering a better future for every woman and girl,” said the Biden post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Accompanying it was a photo with a quote from Biden that was particularly galling to some: “May we be a nation worthy of the abilities and ambitions of our women and girls.”

Conservatives immediately attacked the administration because it has attempted to redefine the definition of a woman to include biological men who identify as transgender.

The Biden administration has taken great pains to redefine sex under Title IX to include perceived gender, which has led to biological men competing against girls on unequal terms. It also has been used to justify transgender ideology in schools and allow biological boys to use girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Scarlett Johnson, chapter leader for Moms for Liberty-Wisconsin, told The Lion the Title IX reinterpretation will have “dire consequences” for girls. 

“Recent incidents in a Wisconsin – in a public school locker room at Sun Prairie and with a Green Bay high school volleyball team – highlight the potential dire consequences of such changes, particularly for girls,” she said. “With the final rule set to be released soon, how can President Biden even pretend to care about women and girls when he refuses to protect them from sexual harassment and discrimination?”

Others raised similar questions online.

“How can you have Women’s Equality Day unless you recognize that women exist as a real & meaningful category?” asked Alliance Defending Freedom. “This is the equality fight of our century. We’re standing with women.”  

Several critics also noted that newly-minted Biden Associate Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson couldn’t even define the difference between a man and a woman during her Senate confirmation hearings. 

“Do you agree with Justice Ginsburg that there are physical differences between men and women that are enduring?” Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked then-nominee Jackson. “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” 

“No, I can’t,” answered Jackson.  

When Jackson’s answer was met by incredulity, Jackson added, “Not in this context – I’m not a biologist.”

Riley Gaines, the former collegiate swimmer who was forced to compete against a male swimmer who transitioned genders, noted the irony of the Biden statement. 

“The projection, gaslighting, and irony in this post is insurmountable,” Gaines, who currently serves as spokeswoman for the Independent Woman’s Forum, posted on X. Gaines has become the face of the opposition movement against transgender ideology in favor of fairness in women’s sports.

“Female students and athletes should be able to enter a high school or college locker room without fear of sexual-harassment, and or sexual assault,” Johnson added. “Women and girls should also have equal opportunities in athletics; they should not be subject to physical harm and mental anguish as they compete.  

“In the effort to appease transgender activists, the Biden administration sacrifices biological women and girls on the altar of woke. There is no virtue in this virtue signal.”