Biden administration threatens to kill federal funds for school districts that remove sex books

The Biden administration is going to war to stop local school districts from removing explicitly sexual books.

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights will soon start notifying…

The Biden administration is going to war to stop local school districts from removing explicitly sexual books.

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights will soon start notifying districts that federal funds will be cut off if they remove books with age-inappropriate material, as defined by local school boards or state laws, reported Fox News.

“We do ask that districts satisfy federal law, and that’s a condition of receiving federal funds,” an anonymous DOE official told Fox News in an exclusive.

The administration appears to be following the lead of California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom. In defiance of policies established by the Temecula Valley School Board, Newsom says the state will buy and distribute textbooks the local school board removed for containing inappropriate material.

He also threatened to fine school districts that removed books they found objectionable.

The federal education agency is also claiming that removing books with inappropriate sexual material is somehow tied into racism, while stifling a student’s ability to learn, according to the exclusive report by Fox News.

“Nobody would ever say with a straight face that a school board deciding to review a book that contains a depiction of a strap-on (male organ) or (fellatio) is so severely objectionable, severely pervasive… that a student literally cannot learn there. It is utterly lawless,” Max Eden, a K-12 research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told Fox.

According to the Education Data Initiative, the federal government gave K-12 schools nationwide $60 billion total, or $1,193 per pupil, in 2021.

That contrasts with $357 billion, or $7,058 per student, funded by the states and $347 billion total, or $6,868 per student, funded by local governments for K-12 education.  

Some states with surplus tax revenues, such as Tennessee, are looking at rejecting federal education money, as the Biden administration continues to set policies and standards for local schools and communities.  

“Now is the time to look at it,” Tennessee Republican state House Speaker Cameron Sexton says about rejecting federal education funds, according to ChalkbeatTN. “It doesn’t mean that you do it this year or you have to do it in the next six months, but it starts with the idea.” 

Oklahoma also is considering rejecting federal education funds.  

The movement could gain steam, as parents who oppose sexually inappropriate materials in schools have emerged as a formidable legislative and electoral presence that could have an outsized influence on elections in 2024.  

“Parents are a voting bloc now,” Texas mom Gabrielle Clark told Fox News. “One thing most people on the left and right, black and white, gay and straight, agree on: Pornography is inappropriate at school.” 

The Biden administration, however, is allied with the unions and education bureaucracy, both of which promote far-left curricula and are sometimes openly supportive of Marxist ideology and the sexualization of children.    

Teachers’ unions and federal bureaucrats are two of the key organizers for Democrat get-out-the-vote campaigns and legislative offensives that push progressive policies. 

But progressives are panicking, as parents and local school board members begin to re-establish control over failing public schools, which have slipped further into crisis mode since the pandemic.   

The tactic of using the long reach of the federal government to punish anyone who questions the education bureaucracy is reminiscent of the Biden administration’s enlisting of the Department of Justice and the FBI to harass parents who protest at school board meetings, Eden says.   

Biden and progressives are “trying to maintain and extended ideological monopoly over public education in the first instance by using the federal law enforcement power to scare parents from voicing their opinions … in school board meetings and now using the civil rights apparatus to prevent school districts from making very normal, sane judgments about what is and is not appropriate for children to see,”  he told Fox News.