Herzog Foundation Announces More Than $2.7 Million in Grants to Six Christian Schools

The Herzog Foundation has announced $2,758,000 in grants “to propel the growth and increase enrollment in six Christian schools in Missouri, Kansas, and Tennessee,” according to a statement…

The Herzog Foundation has announced $2,758,000 in grants “to propel the growth and increase enrollment in six Christian schools in Missouri, Kansas, and Tennessee,” according to a statement released by the foundation last week.

The grants come at a time when Christian schools across the nation are reporting record or near-record enrollments.

The recipient schools are:

  • Faith Christian Academy (Kansas City, MO)
  • Flint Hills Christian School (Manhattan, KS)
  • King’s Academy (Nashville, TN)
  • Northland Christian Education System (Kansas City, MO)
  • Providence School of Arts (Kansas City, MO)
  • St. Joseph Christian School (St. Joseph, MO)

“We are extremely excited and honored to partner with schools that are dedicated to increasing the number of students receiving a Christian education,” said Herzog Foundation Chairman Todd Graves. Foundation President Darrell Jones added, “These schools are cultivating students who love Jesus, are growing in their faith, and can defend their faith within their daily lives.”

“All of these schools have attributes, programs, or models that could have an impact on Christian schools nationally. For example, one school has a creative learning lab to serve students with different learning styles. All six schools have programs for low and middle income families, giving many of those in their community a chance at a high quality, private, Christian education for the first time,” said Sadie Elliott, Program Officer at the foundation. In fact, two of the schools’ enrollments are majority low to middle income students.

Representatives from each of the six schools have also made statements:

“The Stanley M. Herzog Foundation is a great blessing to Christian Education at a moment that could only be described as God’s perfect timing. Thanks to Mr. Herzog’s generosity, and the diligence of those at the Herzog Foundation, generations of Christian students will be blessed,” said Faith Christian Academy Head of School Matt Greco.

“Flint Hills Christian School has been a positive light in the Manhattan, Kansas community for a long time. Through blessed relationships with people and organizations like the Herzog Foundation, FHCS continues to flourish, and provide a long-lasting, positive presence to both the area and in Christian education. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the warriors being raised here and how He will use them to serve His Kingdom for years to come,” said Flint Hills Christian School Board President Kyra Dreiling.

“As a brand new school with 70% of our students on scholarship, the investment from the Herzog Foundation is truly an answer to prayer. Their support allows us to welcome children who have never before been able to afford a Christian education. Their support is truly life giving to these students and families from low-income households,” said King’s Academy Board Chairman Palmer Williams.

“We are honored and humbled by the grant from the Herzog Foundation. Northland Christian partners with Christian families and churches to provide a God-centered, discipleship-based school with academic excellence and a biblical worldview, equipping students to serve and influence our world for Christ. This grant will help us to further our mission and expand our facilities, allowing us to partner with even more families. We are very grateful to the Herzog Foundation staff and Board for their leadership and stewardship and look forward to a long partnership with them,” said Northland Christian Board of Education Vice President Rance Carlson.

“The Herzog Foundation has given a gift to the community. They have opened the door wide open to children who have historically not been able to gain access to a quality private education,” said Providence School of the Arts Founder and Executive Director Marcus Oatis.

“There is a pressing need for our upcoming generations to be educated according to biblical truth. We are so grateful the Herzog Foundation is leading the way to fund growth in Christian schools across the nation, and we are blessed to be a recipient in their first grant cycle,” said St. Joseph Christian School Co-Superintendents Danny Maggart and Rose Dunlap.