Inaugural ‘Stolen Innocence’ panel aims to help parents guard their children against increasing sexualization in schools

Alexandra Schweitzer had turned the children’s book she was inspecting sideways, like a curious youth trying to better see a Playboy centerfold.

Her husband wondered what in the world she was…

Alexandra Schweitzer had turned the children’s book she was inspecting sideways, like a curious youth trying to better see a Playboy centerfold.

Her husband wondered what in the world she was looking at.

“I literally turned the book because they had diagrams on what you can do (sexually),” Schweitzer told The Lion. “And I handed him the book, and I’m like, ‘I didn’t know that people could bend that way.’ I’ve had three children, and I did not know that you could do that. And this book is available to 2nd-graders.”

The incident is just one of many reasons the volunteer president of No Left Turn in Education-Wisconsin has been tapped to lead the event “Stolen Innocence: A Panel on the Insidious Ideology Infecting Your Children’s Education” from 6-9 p.m. Thursday at the Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

The high-power national panel will include Jaimee Michel, founder and president of Gays Against Groomers; Sara Higdon, a transgender Army veteran, Bronze Star recipient and communications director for Trans Against Groomers; Jeanette Cooper, co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care, which believes “no child is born in the wrong body”; and Cory Brewer, attorney at the Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) public interest law firm, which is on the cutting edge of parental rights. 

Also notably on the panel is Chloe Cole, a nationally known 18-year-old detransitioner who was given puberty blockers and testosterone as early as 13 and had a double mastectomy at 15. 

The event will arm parents and guardians to protect their children and stand up to schools that are sexualizing kids at the earliest of ages. 

“We want them to take away the fact that, one, they’re not alone, that they have support,” Schweitzer said. “And two, it’s normal as a child to feel uncomfortable in your body. I’m 52. There are days where I don’t feel comfortable in my body. Everyone does it. We shift funny in our chairs. We’re pulling at our T-shirt or straightening our dress, or whatever it is, because we’re just uncomfortable. Everyone has those moments.  

“School systems are seizing on these moments and telling young girls that they can become a boy if they feel like it. They’re really infecting the girls.” 

Parents and other attendees will hear how to combat such hypersexualization in schools. 

“One of the best ways is to be an active parent – and to check every e-mail, to check every piece of the curriculum, to look at the books,” Schweitzer says – adding that her kids are conditioned to show her their textbooks, which she checks for red flags. 

WILL also has great toolkits for parents, she says. 

“That’s what we want to give the parents: to teach them how to do that, and to have them hear personal stories of what it’s like. 

“I mean, Chloe Cole is a beaming light of sunshine. There’s no other way to say that, but to say she’s a ray of light. She’s always smiling. When you think that at 15 years old, both of her healthy breasts were cut off of her body. And she’s still an empowering, positive young person. And I think that everybody in the room will benefit from meeting Chloe.” 

The venue holds about 350, Schweitzer says, adding, “To sell out our first event would be stunning.” Tickets are $10, or $40 to also join a 5 p.m. VIP cocktail hour. 

The event sponsor is Parents on Patrol, a group of “individuals working to inform and educate parents and taxpayers about the insidious woke agenda in America schools,” with No Left Turn in Education as co-sponsor. 

Might this first Stolen Innocence event be replicated elsewhere? This is a national issue, after all. 

“We have had interest,” Schweitzer says. “Northern Wisconsin wants one. Boston, Massachusetts has asked. The ladies are all up for it. So, I would believe that, depending on how the final reception is of this event, it is definitely something, a formula, that we would recreate.”