Is that God calling, with all these heavenly marvels in the sky? If so, are we really going to put Him on hold?

First it was the Great North American Eclipse on April 8. Then it was the solar-caused geomagnetic storms Friday, making the northern lights visible all the way to the Caribbean when you normally…

First it was the Great North American Eclipse on April 8. Then it was the solar-caused geomagnetic storms Friday, making the northern lights visible all the way to the Caribbean when you normally have to be in the Arctic or northern Canada.

This has been science’s Super Bowl, World Series and World Cup rolled into one. “One of those rare moments that you just can be at one with Mother Earth, and with the cosmos,” a headline at trumpets.

Absolutely. But let’s give credit where credit is due. Didn’t the Creator of that cosmos have something to do with all these astral phenomena?

Isn’t it just possible that God’s calling – that He’s trying to get our attention for more than a brief celestial show?

Lord knows He needs to get our attention. Just look at the mess we’re making of the world. The 7th-century savagery of Hamas, the genocidal war in Ukraine, the tyrannical leadership trampling human rights and freedoms, the racial animus, the immorality seeping down to our youngest children, the rampant hatred, the political malice rending the fabric of this nation – not to mention the soul’s vacuousness that comes from a life without the slightest acknowledgement of God.

How can you fully appreciate a Van Gogh without understanding the artist? How can you “be at one with Mother Earth, and with the cosmos” while bending over backward to ignore their Creator? How can even scientists not entertain and publicly admit any notion of who created science itself?

“Cosmos” is defined as “the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.” Who do we think ordered it in the first place? How do we think the universe, this planet, this society or our day-to-day lives can possibly work devoid of their chief architect?

How can we marvel at the magnitude and choreography of a total eclipse, or stand in wondering awe at the aurora borealis artist’s brush strokes, and not at least contemplate the One who made it all?

It certainly would behoove us to do so, considering the trajectory the world is on right now.

What if we could bottle up the otherworldly astonishment we felt at the sight of the eclipse and aurora and spray it over ourselves every day? Would that not cultivate the sensation of reverence that we ought to embrace for this world even absent the light shows?

The first thing that needs to happen is for K-12 education – where little wide-eyed scientists first bud – to acknowledge the Creator. You can’t be fully educated in Van Gogh’s art without knowing something of Van Gogh, after all. Can the same not be said of creation and its Creator?

“Properly knowing anything in the creation ultimately involves knowing the Creator,” writes  Albert E. Greene.

Meanwhile, our society needs to stop painstakingly tiptoeing around any mention of the Source of everything – including, mind you, the most important element in the universe: love. I recently saw a short video making the point that the people currently running the world – and, by the way, running it into the ground – would have a lot less power to divide and conquer us if we just did a better job loving each other.

Imagine a political landscape in which demagogues couldn’t section us like a grapefruit by our immutable characteristics and get us to fight.

I do wonder if these fleeting cosmic light shows aren’t more than a chance to commune in brief with “Mother Earth” and the cosmos. Maybe God is calling – sending up multiple flares to get our attention with an astronomic “Ahem!”

Maybe it’s Him, not just the physical world, however brilliant, that we need to be at one with.