Most California voters oppose keeping kids’ gender transitions secret from parents, a new survey finds

Nearly two-thirds of likely California voters would support a parental notification law requiring schools to tell parents if their child has gender dysphoria, the Christian Post reports.

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Nearly two-thirds of likely California voters would support a parental notification law requiring schools to tell parents if their child has gender dysphoria, the Christian Post reports.

On the question of parental notification laws, 84% of Californians surveyed say they would support laws requiring schools to notify parents of “any major change in a child’s physical, mental, or emotional health or academic performance.” And 66% said they would strongly support such laws.

If those parental notification laws specifically require schools to notify parents when their child identifies as the opposite sex, 62% of Californians say they would be more likely to support them, with 46% saying they would be much more likely.

The results of the survey, which was conducted by Rasmussen Reports and Real Impact, were released last week.

The results also showed 69% of respondents would support policies requiring schools to notify parents if their child identifies or requests to be identified as the opposite sex. 

Similarly, 68% of those surveyed say would oppose “teachers and school administrators keeping information about a child’s gender identity secret from the parents.” 

The results reflects the attitude of parents of school-aged children in California, not the “education establishment,” says Gina Gleason, executive director of Real Impact. 

“The data clearly shows that California parents support transparency and accountable policies,” Gleason said. “Parents are attending school board meetings in droves to show that despite what the education establishment thinks, children, their well-being, and upbringing are not the responsibility of the school or state, it’s the responsibility of the parents.” 

Despite the apparent attitude of many California parents, Gov. Gavin Newsome recently signed legislation (AB-107) which makes the state a sanctuary for transgender youth fleeing from other states in disregard for their parents’ views. 

State lawmakers are also currently considering three new bills, all of which purportedly aim to protect LGBT youth, in some cases explicitly against their parents’ wishes. 

AB-957, also known as the Transgender, Gender-Diverse, and Intersex (TGI) Youth Empowerment Act, was written by Assemblywoman Lori D. Wilson (D-Suisun City), who is the mother of a transgender child.  

The bill, which reportedly makes it possible for courts to consider whether a parent affirms their child’s preferred gender when deciding custody cases, advanced out of committee last week and is awaiting consideration by the full Senate. 

“If you have a child going through that system, a judge has discretion, like they do, looking at the totality of circumstances related to the health, safety and welfare of a child, to consider different factors,” Wilson said. “One of the factors, not the factor, but one of the factors, would be the parent’s affirmation of a child’s gender identity.” 

If passed, the legislation would require courts to “strongly consider” affirmation of a child’s gender identity as being “in the best interest of the child” for cases in which one parent doesn’t consent to a child’s legal name change aligning with the child’s gender identity. 

Another measure, AB-665, reportedly allows minors 12 and up to receive mental health services without parental consent, and AB-223 reportedly seals petitions and associated paperwork for anyone under the age 18 who seeks to change their gender. 

Parents protested the three bills outside the state capital last week. 

“You, as a parent, can be deemed abusive if you refuse to medicalize your child,” Erin Friday, attorney and member of Our Duty, said at a news conference on the day of the protest, “if you refuse to poison your child with cross-sex hormones, if you refuse to stop the natural body growth called puberty, if you refuse to remove your child’s healthy breasts or genitals.”