Op-ed: The wokes’ uncivil war against America

“This idea of being woke and if you’re socially compromised you cancel people out and all of that stuff, you need to get over that quickly. Being woke isn’t cool and its really dumb.” – Barack…

“This idea of being woke and if you’re socially compromised you cancel people out and all of that stuff, you need to get over that quickly. Being woke isn’t cool and its really dumb.” – Barack Obama

America was built on cultural battles. From the Civil War of the 1860s to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to the dropouts vs. drop-ins, to the war against censorship, we’ve defended our beliefs. Culture wars have been an intricate part of the evolution of this country. These wars had something in common. They were periods in our history that left cultural and sociopolitical marks on America.

In recent years, a new cultural battleground has emerged in the U.S: the “Wokes against America.” This has pitted those who advocate for social justice and wealth equality against those who support America’s moral and social values and traditional institutions. This conflict has ignited battles from social media to corporations. It’s turned Congress into a circus and it’s destroying our legal system.

The wokes’ war against our nation is over capitalism itself. It is a war against those who believe the American dream was built on opportunity and those who say America was built on racism. Wokes are at war with those who salute the flag because they chose to take a kneel. They are at war with those who love America. The wokes’ America is a nation that’s filled with White supremacist racists.

Wokes want to destroy everything that made America great. They claim “America is systemically racist.” Anyone who defies them is a White supremacist. If they succeed in dividing the races and the classes with false narratives and mistruths, they will have won a major battle like Lenin did. To make the young hate America. This will undo decades of social progress, equality and opportunity.

Woke agitators sparked the flame that lit last summer’s riots, causing a record setting $2 billion in damage. They justified the riots to fight racism. Their corporate donors gave billions to BLM while liberal media blamed it on police brutality. Woke politicians fanned the flames of major destruction.

In Washington DC, as BLM protesters marched down 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the FBI took a knee.

If there is any doubt that BLM and the Democratic Party are walking in lockstep, Kamala Harris solicited donations to bail BLM rioters out of jail. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged all U.S. embassies to fly the BLM flag with the U.S. flag. American embassies represent freedom and liberty. Why have they been asked to fly the flag of a group that wants to destroy American liberty?

“The cornerstone of my office will be to bring about racial justice and equality.” – Antony Blinken

Wokes want a socialist style “quota system” for America. For example, according to Census data, 13% of the U.S. population is Black and 75% is white. The Black prison population is over 13% so wokes say that is racist. They demand the release of Black prisoners by decriminalizing offenses to equalize the imprisoned races. To wokes: “The time no longer fits the crime. The time fits the race.”

To decriminalize felonious crimes, wokes have worked with far left wealthy donors such as George Soros and underground leftist groups to elect pseudo prosecutors and district attorneys across the U.S. to make America radically soft on crime. As the number of “soft DAs” grew, we saw a surge in American violent crime worse than the Chicago mafia’s during Prohibition. Woke DA violent crime is affecting the lives of Americans everywhere, regardless of their race, cultural status or lifestyle. Wokes claim if too many Asians attend private schools they must lower admission standards. If too few Blacks qualify for advanced courses, eliminate them. All wealth and income disparities must be equalized via socialism. Wokes want LBGTQs to use pubic bathrooms they identify with, even if it is offensive to many. Wokes desire to obliterate every God-given mother-father family, sex and gender rolls.

Wokeism is a religion without redemption, so all religions are in conflict with wokeism. The same goes for education. Wokes control education. We can no longer teach children about America’s greatness since it was founded by White supremacists . We must teach that our founders were racist.

“One great wonder about America is she always corrects her faults.” – Alexis de Tocqueville.

All totalitarian states silence those who challenge their propaganda. Opinions that praise the police, question sex changes, or election integrity and anything considered un-woke don’t get past the big tech censor giants. What’s more scary is, we know it and don’t fight back and accept it as the norm.

Those that express views contrary to woke culture are canceled out. They are being fired, kicked off of social media, and deprived employment. Woke corporations do what wokes tell them to do to please big government. Those who don’t comply are berated on social media, TV, in liberal news and by government.

“I don’t make jokes. I listen to government reporting their facts.” – Will Rogers

The one who wins this war is the one who realizes who they are fighting against. Entertainment, big business, education, corporate media and big tech are aligned with the Democratic Party, which is controlled by wokes. It will take a very different strategy on and off the battlefield to win the wokes uncivil war.

“Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed.” – Mao Zedong

America is fighting a war against “woke totalitarianism.” In a totalitarian state, government controls everything. Every time voters put another woke in office they increase the size of the woke army, and the more of their liberties wokes take away.

“Liberty once lost is lost forever.” – John Adams

War is not a time for civility, compromise or singing Kumbaya with the enemy. It is a time for those we elect to fight for the choice between liberty and the death of the world’s greatest nation. It is a fight for the American dream, a fight for states’ rights over federalism, a fight to control our schools, and a fight to end censorship by big tech. As Thomas Paine put it, “America is in crisis. This is not a time for sunshine patriots. It is a time for summer soldiers to defeat the enemy and win this war!”

Barack Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” The most critical election in our lifetime is but a year away. The wokes have their candidates already chosen and are filling their war chests. The question is will the GOP shoot themselves in the foot with a half dozen candidates running in every primary? Will they have a stage full of “want-to-be” presidents “beating each other up” on TV during the debates? Will they be giving woke candidates all of the ammunition they need to defeat them?

The “Woke uncivil War” is not fought with bombs, tanks and guns. It is fought with the people that we elect. If we elect the wrong people, we will be handing the wokes a victory on the battlefield and an army in Congress to continue turning our sacred republic into a woke wonderland. Lenin proved that promises were made to be broken when the Bolsheviks controlled Russia. Lenin was a cancer that infected Russia and it has never been free since. It’s time we realize what America will be like if the wokes win this uncivil war.

”Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” – Thomas Paine