‘Putting politics over patient care’: Medical center under fire for threat to deny care to patients who use ‘unwelcome’ words

A Massachusetts hospital announced a new code of conduct, which could result in denial of care to patients who use “unwelcome words.”

Milford Regional Medical Center’s new Patient and…

A Massachusetts hospital announced a new code of conduct, which could result in denial of care to patients who use “unwelcome words.”

Milford Regional Medical Center’s new Patient and Visitor Code of Conduct was released earlier this month, outlining what patients are and aren’t allowed to say in order to receive medical care at their facility.

“Words or actions that are disrespectful, racist, discriminatory, hostile or harassing are not welcome and will not be tolerated,” the official website states.

Examples include:

  • Offensive comments about others’ race, ethnicity, accent, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other personal traits; and
  • Refusal to see a clinician or other staff member based on these personal traits.

“Please recognize that body language and tone of voice are also important parts of communication,” the code of conduct states. “If we believe you have violated the Code with unwelcome words or actions, you will be given the chance to explain your point of view. 

“Some violations of this Code may lead to patients being asked to make other plans for their care.” 

Some critics of the policy include women who question whether asking for a biological female doctor would violate the new code of conduct. 

“So if I ask for a female doctor who was ‘assigned female at birth,’ I would be in violation of their code of conduct?” one critic asked. “This is what you get when leftist government takes over an industry.” 

While the hospital doesn’t specify examples of “unwelcome” words, biological facts, such as only females give birth, may be included. 

“They would probably kick you out for misgendering, or saying men can’t get pregnant and there are only 2 genders,” Libs of TikTok wrote on X.  

North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy, R-District 3, questions how medical professions can abandon their professional ethical standards in favor of a political agenda.   

“It is very disheartening to hear a Progressive physician would dishonor his Hippocratic oath to pay homage to his new DEI faith,” Murphy wrote on X. “Of course, we want respect for everyone but shame on you @MilfordRegional for putting politics over patient care.” 

Similar policies are reportedly being implemented in hospitals across the country. 

Last year, Marlene Barbera, a cancer patient in Oregon, was denied treatment after expressing discomfort with an LGBTQ flag. 

“Effective immediately, you are discharged from receiving medical care at the Richmond Family Medicine Clinic,” the clinic wrote in a letter, reported Newsweek. “This action is being taken because of ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks about our LGBTQ community and staff. Please note that you are also now dismissed from all OHSU Family Medicine clinics, including Immediate Care clinics.” 

In Michigan, a health care worker was fired for not complying with the hospital’s trans-inclusive policies.  

Valerie Kloosterman filed a lawsuit against University of Michigan Health-West alleging she was terminated for refusing to use “biology-obscuring pronouns” or making referrals for “gender transition drugs and procedures.”  

“I was called evil,” Kloosterman said, according to one report. “I was called a liar. And I very compassionately gave my point of what my concern was from a medical standpoint from my medical judgment, as well as in good conscience to God, and I should never have been asked to compromise my faith to be able to do my job.”