education policy
Book review: A conservative vision for the future of public education

In an education landscape long dominated by Democrats and liberal policies, what do conservatives have to offer? A lot, according to Frederick Hess and Michael McShane. In their new book,… Read More

February 20, 2024
Public Education
The geography of school choice part II: the urban effect

Why hasn’t school choice made it out West? Liv Finne, director of the Center for Education at Washington Policy Center, has an intriguing answer.   “I think it has primarily… Read More

August 23, 2023
Public Education
Why does America have school choice deserts despite the policy’s popularity? (The geography of school choice: Part I)

Never in America’s history has school choice been so popular or had so much momentum. However, school choice deserts remain, particularly in the West. While states like Florida and Iowa… Read More

August 17, 2023