Public Education
Spending up, test scores down as Chicago mayor rejects staffing cuts

(The Center Square) – Mayor Brandon Johnson has refused to accept budget savings proposed by Chicago Public Schools administrators. CPS proposed a budget of $9.9 billion for 2025, with $149… Read More

July 17, 2024
Public Education
Illinois schools to receive taxpayer dollars for special education referrals

(The Center Square) – A new law allows Illinois school districts to get reimbursed with taxpayer money for sending their troubled students to both public and private special education programs. Read More

July 10, 2024
Charter schools file lawsuit contesting Illinois’ ‘union neutrality’ clause

Charter schools are suing Illinois leaders over a new law requiring such schools to have “union neutrality” clauses. HB 1120, sponsored exclusively by Democrat legislators and… Read More

June 28, 2024
Public Education
Illinois school board spends $40K on restorative justice after teachers complain of student violence

Illinois’ Springfield Public Schools (SPS) board voted unanimously on Monday to allocate $40,000 to train educators in “restorative” practices amid a surge in violence, despite using… Read More

June 21, 2024
Bill on governor’s desk raises concerns over Illinois courts’ jurisdiction for out-of-state birth certificate changes

(The Center Square) – Illinois could soon allow transgender residents to change out-of-state birth certificates and IDs, if the governor signs a bill on his desk. House Bill 5507, which… Read More

June 20, 2024
Critics question whether mandated relaxation will raise outcomes in Illinois schools

(The Center Square) – The governor is expected to sign Senate Bill 2872, which mandates schools to provide relaxation activities for Illinois students. Opponents argue the students’ academic performance is… Read More

June 18, 2024
Feds planning mammoth electric line corridor through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois; are residents informed enough to oppose it?

The Biden administration is taking public comments on a proposed five-mile-wide electric transmission corridor crossing half of Kansas and all of Missouri – but do residents even have enough information… Read More

June 17, 2024
Illinois seeks to expand ‘gender-affirming care’ national group says is harmful to kids

(The Center Square) – An Illinois state agency is launching a statewide initiative it says “supports and expands gender-affirming care,” but a national pediatric group says that’s the wrong approach… Read More

June 11, 2024
Op-ed: Chicago Mayor Johnson personifies the main problem of public education

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson just demonstrated the primary problem with public education in 10 words. In an interview with The Economic Club of Chicago, Johnson was… Read More

June 11, 2024
Public Education
‘After generations of failure,’ Illinois Rep. Ford hoping to see Chicago Public Schools improve

(The Center Square) – A new Public Agenda poll finds that most city residents don’t think Chicago Public Schools students are learning enough, with most of the blame tied to the… Read More

June 3, 2024
Illinois House passes bill to addresses rise in AI-generated nude photos of students

(The Center Square) – Illinois lawmakers are addressing a growing form of cyberbullying in schools involving artificial intelligence. The House passed House Bill 299 that would amend the Illinois… Read More

May 28, 2024
Illinois legislators approve plan to assess mental health screenings in public schools

(The Center Square) – Illinois public schools are one step closer to universal mental health screenings for students. The Illinois House passed Senate Bill 726 which directs the Illinois State… Read More

May 24, 2024
Christian Schools
Fire destroyed this church’s building. But it sparked the launch of a Christian school in central Illinois

A dream in April 2023 caused Ed Herald to believe God was calling him to start a Christian school – even though his church’s building had been destroyed by fire… Read More

May 23, 2024
Taxpayer funds for homeless new arrival students included in grant expansion

(The Center Square) – Illinois House Bill 5407, subject to appropriation, expands the permitted uses of funds received from the Education of Homeless Children and Youth State… Read More

May 23, 2024
Illinois bill would criminalize sexual relationships between teachers and their 18-year-old students

(The Center Square) – In Illinois, it is not illegal for an educator or staff member to have a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student, but some Republican lawmakers want to… Read More

May 20, 2024
Public Education
‘Normal annual allotment of 108 sick days’: Illinois community outraged over superintendent’s exorbitant benefits

Critics are demanding an explanation from an Illinois school board after discovering the superintendent gets 108 days of paid sick leave every year. The Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7… Read More

May 7, 2024
Illinois bill would ban corporal punishment in private schools

(The Center Square) – A measure advancing in Illinois seeks to ban corporal punishment in all private schools. Opponents are concerned the measure could be misinterpreted and school coaches asking… Read More

April 24, 2024
Education expert analyzes Invest in Kids’ record-breaking numbers for final year

(The Center Square) – Despite record-breaking enrollment for its final year, Illinois lawmakers have yet to address the expired Invest in Kids school choice scholarship program. There were rumblings that the… Read More

April 24, 2024
Illinois legislators: Proposed race-based funding formula for universities could violate civil rights

(The Center Square) – Illinois Senate Republicans are urging for a subject matter hearing on Illinois’ ambitious plan for higher education funding, a plan that was revealed in March.  … Read More

April 19, 2024
Former student files lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools over administrator who allegedly impregnated her twice, coerced abortions

A former student has taken legal action against Chicago Public Schools (CPS), accusing the district of neglecting to safeguard her from years of alleged abuse by a high-ranking administrator. The… Read More

April 18, 2024