Public Education
Half of parents are sending or considering sending their kids to a new school, survey says

As students prepare to return to school, many parents are looking to send them to a new school.  Nearly half of parents have decided on or are currently considering a… Read More

August 7, 2023
Public Education
Survey says nearly half of all parents think taxpayers don’t get value from public schools

A new survey released by the consumer credit company Wallet Hub found that almost half of all parents believe that public schools don’t provide a good value for the money. Read More

August 1, 2023
Public Education
Poll: Majority of parents say teachers regularly stray from course curriculum

(The Center Square) – The vast majority of parents in a new State Policy Network poll say public school teachers regularly deviated from set school curriculum to interject their own… Read More

July 28, 2023
Public Education
Survey: Inflation hitting back-to-school budgets hard

A new survey by a global financial services company shows back-to-school supplies in the U.S. are rising faster than the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The survey by WorldRemit… Read More

July 25, 2023
Public Education
School board votes to inform parents about student gender transitions

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A California school district voted Thursday to require that school officials notify parents if their child wants to change their gender. The Chino Valley Unified… Read More

July 21, 2023
Public Education
Virginia education department releases ‘model policies’ that vow to ‘keep parents informed’ about their kids

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The Virginia Department of Education has released a final version of its model policies for the state’s public schools, according to a press release issued… Read More

July 19, 2023
Public Education
Former Arizona school counselor says she was advised to keep student’s transgender status from parents

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – An Arizona school district’s administrators advised social workers to conceal students’ gender transitions from their parents, a former school social worker told the Daily Caller… Read More

July 14, 2023
Public Education
Support for school choice shot up following COVID-19 pandemic, poll reveals

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Voter support for school choice programs jumped 7% since before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Tuesday RealClear Opinion Research poll. At least 71% of… Read More

July 12, 2023
Public Education
School suspended kids for ‘misgendering’ teacher, sent them to ‘restorative justice’ training

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A California school suspended two kids for five days after they “misgendered” a transgender teacher and forced them to attend a “restorative justice” training as… Read More

July 10, 2023
Biden admin’s greatest foe? ‘It’s the moms, stupid’

(The Daily Signal) – The Biden administration is making clear once again whom it fears the most. It is not China, Russia, or, needless to say, … Read More

June 30, 2023
North Carolina Parents’ Bill of Rights clears House, needs concurrence in Senate

(The Center Square) – North Carolina students and parents could gain more protections in the public school system through legislation in the final stages of approval in the General Assembly. Read More

June 29, 2023
School reported parents to police, kicked out their kids for questioning ‘political bias,’ lawsuit alleges

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – An Ohio school allegedly reported two parents to the police, launching a retaliation campaign against them for questioning its curriculum and financial spending, according to… Read More

June 23, 2023
Public Education
Parents running against race-based admissions policies sweep local school board races

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Candidates backed by an organization focused on promoting merit-based admissions notched several victories in New York City’s recent school board elections, according to the New York… Read More

June 20, 2023
Parents who don’t affirm gender identify of their child could be charged with abuse under California bill

(Daily Signal) – A recently amended California bill would add “affirming” the sexual transition of a child to the state’s standard for parental responsibility and child welfare—making any… Read More

June 9, 2023
Public Education
New Jersey school district changes policy to notify parents with issues of their child’s gender after AG suit

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – New Jersey school district rewrote its policy which would notify parents if their child has changed their gender identity after the state’s Democratic attorney general… Read More

June 9, 2023
Democrat official claims Muslims are on the side of ‘white supremacists’ over LGBT issues and parental rights

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – A Democratic member of a Maryland city council claimed Muslims are on the side of “white supremacists” in regard to LGBT issues, a video posted… Read More

June 8, 2023
Utah school PTA president allegedly orders LGBT flags to be staked in yard of mom who opposed gender ideology

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – The president of a Utah school’s parent teacher association allegedly ordered LGBT flags to be placed on a family’s property without their permission. In a… Read More

May 31, 2023
Public schools are making unwarranted contact with homeschool families. Here’s how parents are defending their rights

When Virginia mom Olivia Knapp decided to homeschool her 10-year-old daughter during the spring semester, she did all her research beforehand. She delivered the necessary paperwork to her… Read More

May 16, 2023
Boys are struggling in schools. Maybe the one-size-fits-all education system is the problem

When sharing the experience of homeschooling her now 15-year-old stepson, Ryley, Katie Mathews doesn’t hesitate to use the D-word: discipline. “When we first got custody, he seemed like… Read More

May 5, 2023
Puberty blockers cause bone damage in children, should be considered ‘experimental,’ say top Swedish doctors

Swedish doctors say puberty blockers, given to some kids to transition genders, cause bone damage in children and should be considered “experimental.” Doctors from the Karolinska Institute, a… Read More

May 4, 2023