UK silent prayer arrests prompt international embarrassment

(The Daily Signal) – A fever of censorship has seemed to descend upon the British Isles lately, and the world—especially the U.S.—finally may be waking up to it. Scotland began… Read More

May 31, 2024
‘Senseless charade’: Satanic Temple to deliver opening prayer at Michigan county meeting

A member of The Satanic Temple-West Michigan is scheduled to deliver the opening prayer at the April 23 meeting of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. The decision comes nearly a… Read More

April 2, 2024
Public Education
Prayer at school board meeting sparks Constitutional debate

A North Carolina school board meeting took an unexpected turn when the chairman opened the meeting with a prayer instead of the customary moment of silence. Before he prayed, newly… Read More

February 5, 2024
Australian law forbids prayers, revealing the religious freedom threat of bans on ‘conversion therapy’

(The Daily Signal) – Imagine the government told you what you can and cannot pray for, inside your own head. Such an idea seems better suited to “thoughtcrime” dystopias—such as George… Read More

January 4, 2024
‘God gave us a warrior spirit’: High school coach Joe Kennedy explains why he fought for the right to pray on the football field

Joe Kennedy was just an average Joe. A retired marine turned high school football coach, he never expected to be caught in the crossfires of a seven-year-long legal battle over the… Read More

November 17, 2023
‘We finished the race.’ Coach Kennedy takes knee in prayer as fans cheer

(The Daily Signal) – Fans from both teams cheered as Joe Kennedy knelt in silent prayer for 10 seconds at the 50-yard line. It was the moment of… Read More

September 5, 2023
Rep. Matt Gaetz to introduce ‘national prayer in school act’

(Daily Caller News Foundation) – Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz will introduce legislation on Friday that would allow students and staff to pray in school without fear of any negative consequences. Read More

August 9, 2023
Coach to return to high school football field after 7-year court battle over prayer there

(The Daily Signal) – After a seven-year legal battle that ended with a victory at the Supreme Court, Joe Kennedy will be back on the field Sept. 1… Read More

August 9, 2023
Public Education
Biden administration warns teachers and students about prayer in new Dept. of Ed. guidance 

The Biden administration just announced updated guidance about prayer and religious expression in public schools which critics worry could cause confusion about First Amendment rights.  It comes nearly a year after… Read More

May 19, 2023
Anti-religion group complains about Colorado coach Deion Sanders’ prayers

(The Center Square) – The University of Colorado’s legal department is reviewing a letter that’s part of a war of words between two advocacy groups clashing over the Christian prayers of… Read More

March 1, 2023
Anti-religious ‘watchdog’ claims Texas school board’s prayers violate the Constitution

A school board in Texas is being targeted by an anti-religion group for praying before meetings. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), whose purpose is to “promote the… Read More

February 15, 2023
Culture, Opinion
When did prayer become acceptable to the NFL? When a crisis happened on live television

(Religion Unplugged) – Super Bowls create media storms, but many journalists and sports executives thought what happened in 1988 was totally out of bounds. The establishment was shocked… Read More

February 13, 2023
In the case of the praying football coach, both sides invoke religious freedom

(SCOTUSblog) – Joseph Kennedy had never coached football when Bremerton High School, a public school near Seattle, Washington, hired him in 2008. He was too small to play in high… Read More

April 25, 2022
Public Education
Arizona schools must give students moment of silence each day

(The Center Square) – Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill to ensure that students will have time to take a moment of silence at school each day. Ducey… Read More

April 19, 2022
Global Week of Student Prayer: Stories from around the Nation

Last week, students from all around the nation took part in what is known as the Global Week of Student Prayer. The most recognizable event from this week each year… Read More

September 29, 2021
Bobby Bowden Was Bold in His Faith, Shunned Political Correctness

Bobby Bowden, college football’s most recognizable face for two decades, lived to glorify God and frequently stood up to political correctness. His coaching legacy includes two national championships (1993, 1999)… Read More

August 20, 2021