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Ninety approved for South Dakota Teacher Apprenticeship Pathway

(The Center Square) – A pilot program designed to help address South Dakota’s teacher shortage launches with over 90 participants in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, Gov. Kristi Noem said… Read More

July 11, 2023
Public Education
Nevada teacher says white teachers are the problem, promotes riots in videos 

Another teacher is under fire after a series of TikTok videos appeared online promoting far left views and containing controversial comments on race. Jennifer Leja, a teacher at Hyde Park Middle… Read More

May 22, 2023
Public Education
Teacher who disclosed CEA’s anti-capitalist platform could face criminal investigation over violent Marxist speech

A Colorado teacher who ignited a controversy when he tweeted the passage of the Colorado Education Association’s (CEA) anti-capitalist plank is under fire for advocating for revolution… Read More

May 18, 2023
Christian teacher sues school she says fired her for not lying to parents about their children’s gender transitions

A California teacher has filed a lawsuit against the school district she says fired her for refusing to conceal gender information from parents. The suit, which was filed… Read More

May 15, 2023
Public Education
Idaho junior high school teacher and coach arrested for allegedly raping teenage boy

(Daily Caller) – A Boise, Idaho, junior high school teacher has been arrested for allegedly raping a 16-year-old boy, and is facing charges of rape and sexual battery, the Idaho… Read More

April 20, 2023
School Choice group and Concordia University launch new teacher pipeline

(The Center Square) – There is a new push to get more teachers certified for some Wisconsin classrooms, including certifications for just a $9,000 price tag. School Choice Wisconsin and… Read More

April 18, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Florida school vows to investigate trans teacher who allegedly threatened violence after keeping the incident from parents

Image via Facebook. (Daily Caller) – The superintendent of Fox Chapel Middle School announced the school would be investigating an incident where a transgender teacher allegedly threatened… Read More

April 17, 2023
Public Education
Demand for Illinois ag teachers is strong

(The Center Square) – Illinois needs career-changers to teach ag courses in high school. The Land of Lincoln has always been an agricultural powerhouse. The state is working hard to… Read More

April 17, 2023
Public Education
DeSantis to reward teachers with $3K bonus for refresher training on civics

(The Center Square) – Gov. Ron DeSantis wants Florida teachers to emphasize civic education and reward those who do with a $3,000 bonus. The second-term Republican held a news conference… Read More

March 24, 2023
Public Education
Public school workers in PA claim ‘dignified’ retirement now out of reach

(The Center Square) – Pennsylvania educators say the “dignified” retirement promised to them decades ago no longer exists thanks to record inflation and benefits “frozen” in time for the last… Read More

March 22, 2023
Culture, Public Education
Nebraska bill addresses teacher shortage by recruiting veterans

The Nebraska Legislature is considering a bill that would address the state’s teacher shortage by fast-tracking temporary teaching licenses for military veterans. LB 188, sponsored by… Read More

February 22, 2023
Culture, Public Education
‘I have a Master’s degree’: Teacher mocks parental involvement in curriculum

(Daily Caller) – A teacher speaking out against parental rights legislation in Arizona Wednesday cited her master’s degree while mocking parents seeking involvement in school curricula. “I have a master’s… Read More

February 22, 2023
Opinion, Public Education
South Dakota database reveals the bad apples among teachers

A database of teacher’s license application denials, suspensions and revocations in South Dakota reveals surprising details parents and school administrators need to know. The database,… Read More

February 21, 2023
Public Education
Indiana House passes bill to provide voluntary firearms training to teachers

(The Center Square) – Indiana lawmakers approved a bill recently that would allow teachers and school staff to receive firearms training. Under House Bill 1177, the state… Read More

February 20, 2023
Public Education
Mississippi Senate committee passes bill to allow schools to arm workers

(The Center Square) — Against a key deadline in the Mississippi Legislature on Tuesday, the Senate Education Committee advanced several bills that are now headed for a full chamber vote. Read More

February 1, 2023
Public Education
Former teachers’ union president charged with embezzling $400,000

(Daily Caller) – The former president of a Virginia teachers’ union was arrested and charged with embezzlement from the organization on Monday, according to the Fairfax County Police Department. Ingrid… Read More

January 27, 2023
Public Education
Study: Low achievement and teacher pay despite school funding increase in Kansas

(The Sentinel) – A report on education spending and student achievement covering the last three decades in Kansas shows that many students have been academically left behind despite large, inflation-adjusted… Read More

January 26, 2023
Courts, Public Education
‘It’s difficult to teach yourself’: Class action lawsuit says Connecticut school has failed to hire

High school students in one Connecticut classroom have allegedly been forced to go weeks without a math teacher, leading to a lawsuit against the school. The Zandri family… Read More

November 14, 2022
Public Education
Educators and bus drivers among 132,000 Illinois public employees with six-figure salaries

(The Center Square) – An audit of Illinois public employee salaries and pensions found a staggering number of employees were in the six-figure club. The nonprofit government watchdog organization … Read More

November 3, 2022
Public Education
Ohio teacher arrested, charged for alleged involvement in prostitution sting

(Daily Caller) – An Ohio high school teacher has been suspended after being caught in a prostitution sting, according to a statement from the county sheriff’s office. Wayne D. Horsley,… Read More

November 2, 2022