‘Teaching 10-year-olds about lubrication?’ Parental rights group uncovers indecent sex education curriculum 

A parental rights group uncovered what it says is a California school district’s age-inappropriate and ideology-laden sex education curriculum. 

Parents Defending Education (PDE), a…

A parental rights group uncovered what it says is a California school district’s age-inappropriate and ideology-laden sex education curriculum. 

Parents Defending Education (PDE), a national grassroots group, shared Oakland Unified School District’s (OUSD) sex education program Tuesday, revealing the highly sexual content taught to students as young as 10. 

“Oakland is similar to other districts in [California] and around the nation in its insistence on introducing young children to sexual topics that are neither age-appropriate nor school appropriate,” Erika Sanzi, director of outreach for PDE, told The Lion. “This curriculum is steeped in gender ideology and pushes a world view on other people’s children to which the vast majority of parents do not subscribe.”  

The content is publicly available on OUSD’s website and includes a slideshow for educators titled “Healthy Oakland Kids & Teens.”  

Covering grades five through nine – roughly ages 10-15 – the lesson plan includes multiple references to highly sexual and controversial topics that far exceed the simple anatomy and physiology of puberty and intercourse.  

Starting in fifth grade, students learn about lubrication, erection, ejaculation and “wet dreams.” 

Sixth-graders must “hear a lecture on gender identity, sexual orientation and biological sex, using the “Genderbread” learning tool. 

In 7th grade, at just 12 years old, kids are made to learn about the “legal options for handling an unintended pregnancy” and to “analyze teen pregnancy scenarios and discuss the pros and cons of different options for the characters in each scenario.”  

By 8th grade, students are instructed on “gender stereotypes, homophobia [and] transphobia,” as well as sexting and pornography.  

And in their first year of high school, Oakland kids will learn about masturbation and participate in a “Sexual Intimacy Spectrum” activity.  

While parents do have the right to opt out of sex ed lessons, many may not know how much sexually explicit content is being taught.  

“My suspicion is that most parents have no idea what their children are really being told during these classes,” Sanzi told The Lion. “Teaching 5th-graders, also known as 10-year-olds, about lubrication? It’s just so beyond the pale.”  

Yet, much of OUSD’s sex ed curriculum is in line with California law. According to the California Department of Education, public schools must give students “comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education” during grades 7-12.  

Although Oakland starts its education in 5th grade – earlier than state law requires – the gender ideology is mandated.  

The state requires sex ed be: 

  • Age-appropriate  
  • Medically accurate and objective  
  • Appropriate for use with pupils of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds  
  • Affirming of different sexual orientations and be inclusive of same-sex relationships  
  • Inclusive of gender, gender expression, gender identity, and the harm of negative gender stereotypes 

OUSD isn’t the first district to be criticized for its sex ed curriculum. Other schools have come under fire for using sex education to promote puberty blockers, pornographic illustrations, Planned Parenthood’s agenda, and “gender neutral” language such as “person who produces sperm” and “person who produces eggs.”  

Chicago Public Schools even tried to hide its curriculum from public view, forcing the state attorney general to step in.